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Selling your Miami Beach Apartment

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Selling Your Miami Beach Apartment

Listing your property with a well-experienced, reliable Realtor is the most important stage in selling your home. will input your home into the Multi Listing Service (MLS), where the community of real estate agents operating in the area will have access to sell your house. Many simply stop at this stage... Here at Miami Residence, we don’t consider that selling, it is waiting! Waiting, or a passive approach to sales, does not work in the modern real estate market. We are not an agency of passive sellers. We actively employ the most up-to-date techniques to make sure you sell your home for the right price, and as quickly as possible.

  • Our free service includes:
  • Accurate valuation: your property value will be calculated according to real-time market trends and statistics.
  • Professional Presentation: photography, staging, open house tours, and an information-rich description will best represent your property.
  • International Exposure: a proactive approach to selling making use of cutting-edge technology, an extensive database of potential buyers, and a community of partner’s websites.
  • Efficient Paperwork: our step-by-step closing guidance will make the legalities flow effortlessly.

Why choose Miami Residence to sell your home?

We have been in business a long time, we have seen Miami’s rapid development happen before our eyes, and we have been at the heart of this booming real estate market throughout the changes. We are a professional agency which actively works for you to quickly achieve what you need; whether you are buying, renting, selling, or are just curious to learn more about current market trends in the area. We have sold countless homes around Miami, working with foreign and US domestic buyers to create an extensive list of satisfied customers. Miami Residence knows everything related to real estate in the area, and we are happy to teach you what we know to help you make an informed and calculated decision about your property needs. Call us today to discuss your situation, we are sure we can give you insight into the best solution to maximize your property investment.

Call Miami Residence on 305 751 1000, or fill out the online form and we will contact you shortly.
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