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Looking to sell, rent or buy in Miami? We have all the latest tools you’ll need to make the wisest, most informed decisions possible. At Miami Residence, we provide real-time data on South Florida’s current Real Estate market, making sure you always receive the latest most up-to-date information available. Our concise overview of luxury condo buildings, homes, and Miami neighborhoods gives you a complete understanding of the oceanfront lifestyle which awaits.

We know Miami, love Miami, and will help find your perfect Miami home.

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Just Listed We know the value of being first when it comes to real estate. It can mean the difference between buying your dream home, or missing out on that unique opportunity. So if you’re looking for the most current listings available, we have you covered. Our “Just Listed” page is updated daily and keeps you informed on all the newest listings available in Miami’s real estate market.

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We present you with list of the most exclusive real estate now for sale in Miami, Florida. The priciest condos, penthouses and single family homes. Rental properties for rich and famous.
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